Yehudah Ha-Levi: Poet Philosopher of Sepharad

2 thoughts on “Yehudah Ha-Levi: Poet Philosopher of Sepharad

  1. Yehuda Ha-Levi was and is a well- known poet. He is one of the greatest poets ever- in both religious and secular studies. He is famous for writing the Kuzari. Something that I really like about Yehuda Ha- Levi was that his secular poems were about friendship and eulogy. I think friendship is a very important subject to focus on and to write about. It shows that Yehuda Ha- Levi understood the importance of friendship and felt the need to spread it as a topic. I really appreciate this about him.

  2. Shalom shalom. I am an old “young student” of Jewish history. I was adviced to read the book – The Kuzari. However, I am not succed in getting it in free PDF dowload, I found your lecture!!! Please, if possible, get in contact. I would truly appreciate that. My e-mail is
    Thank you very much indeed.

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