Who Was Rabbi Shlomo Alkabets? Jewish Biography as History by Dr. Henry Abramson

Famed author of the Lecha Dodi hymn sung on the eve of the Jewish sabbath, Rabbi Alkabets was one of the founding members of the 16th-century school of Kabbalists based in Safed (Tsfat), Israel.

Next week’s lecture: Gluckel of Hameln!

Love Yiddish culture? Check out the new poster for the 2015 Kultur Festival in Boca Raton! I’m really proud to be doing a book reading (The Kabbalah of Forgiveness) there on March 6. Main event, as always, will be Maestro Aaron Kula’s phenomenal Klezmer Company Orchestra concert on March 1!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Baruch Levine sings a famous song about Rav Shlomo Alkabetz’s grandson who grew up not knowing his heritage, but comes back to Judaism because of Lecha Dodi. He hears it in a Jewish home and is plagued by the fact that the song is very familiar to him. It turns out he is the composer’s grandson! It is a beautiful song and singing it is a perfect start to Shabbos.
    -Yocheved Homnick

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