We’ll be looking at the life and work of Rabbi Chaim Vital (1542-1620), the principal disciple of the great Kabbalist, Rabbi Isaac Luria (the Arizal). Three days after the death of his master, Rabbi Vital received a vision in a dream that consumed his scholarly life for decades: preserving the mystical heritage of the great Safed tradition.

We’ll be meeting as usual in the main auditorium of the Lander College of Arts and Sciences, Touro College, 1602 Avenue J, Brooklyn NY 11230.

Lecture begins at 7:00 pm promptly and is free of charge.

A community project of the Lander College of Arts and Sciences.

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  1. Aaron Gertz says:

    Excellent series with a fine and very knowledgeable lecturer. We joined late in the semester. My wife and I have enjoyed it immensely. Kudos to Touro College for providing the educational enjoyable program. We will continue to attend even if Dr. Abramson does not provide the danishes he keeps promising

    1. Danishes! I’m holding out for Chinese. Thanks for the kind words, and it’s great to have you in the audience!

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