1. Dr. Abramson,

    I love this series on the Land of Israel but I have to say I was disappointed in this episode.

    Weren’t you going to talk about Mar Zutra and try to at least hit the highlights of the 900+ years between the codification of the Mishna and the next topic, Nachmanides? I was looking forward to hearing about the Jewish revolt against Heraclius in the 7th Century in which we retook Jerusalem for a few years (Benjamin of Tiberias and Nehemiah ben Hushiel??), what role the Jews played in the Muslim conquest, and the theories of what happened to the Jews who stayed in Palestine under Muslim rule.

    Please don’t take this the wrong way. I love your lectures, but I hope you can revisit this historical period at some point to do it justice.

    Best regards,

  2. Further to my previous comment, see below. I don’t pretend to know how well-sourced this article is or isn’t but I think it is worth addressing in a lecture on the full history of the Jews in the Land of Israel!


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