Tonight! Nathan of Rome. Also, some Torah on the Piaseczno Rebbe.

Good morning friends and students of Jewish history!

Coming from Iroquois Falls, Ontario, I have a hard time understanding why New Yorkers get so energized about a little spring snowfall. I mean, we are well below the average snowfall of 13 inches recorded in my home town in March–and it’s so much warmer than the record cold of -72 degrees Farenheit that Brooklyn might as well be Miami. Nevertheless, the good news is that despite the late opening of Touro College this morning, we are on schedule for the 7pm lecture on Nathan of Rome.

Also, this piece on the Piaseczno Rebbe came out in the Lehrhaus today, great editing by Yehuda Fogel and Mindy Schwartz. I thought it turned out well.

For those of you brave (or Canadian) enough to make it to the lecture–I look forward to seeing you tonight!


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  1. Salim J Kanji says:

    May Hashem bless you for sharing the good light.

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