What’s with all the interviews this week?

Interview with Peter Gwin of National Geographic, Max Miller on sound.
Interview with Max Sklar of Local Maximum podcast
Interview with Rabbi Sholom Licht of Jewish Action

This week was unusually busy for interviews! Kind of surprised that people want to talk to me about this stuff, but really glad there are others who find this research FASCINATING.

Yesterday I had a great convo with Rabbi Sholom Licht for a print article in Jewish Action. Our discussion began with the Jewish History in Daf Yomi project, rapidly went way off the rails with larger discussions on traditional vs. academic study of the Talmud, so many other things.

Then this morning Max Sklar came by to do a recording for his very cool podcast, Local Maximum, that looks at issues of media and education. We discussed the Jewish History series in particular, got into the weeds with analytics and what they say about free adult education on the internet.

Finally, Max Miller came by for a recording with Peter Gwin of National Geographic on the line in DC, talking about the tsunami of 115 and a key passage in the Talmud. A marine archaeologist at the University of Haifa has connected the dots, and they wanted my take on her research for their fascinating and edgy podcast, Overheard at National Geographic.

Exhausted and exhilarated! I hope to send links to the finished products when they are available later this Fall.

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  1. The work you are doing with your videos regarding Jewish History and Biographies is simply amazing; you deserve a special place in Jewish History!

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