Jewish History Lab (New Lecture Series for Fall 2020)

2 thoughts on “Jewish History Lab (New Lecture Series for Fall 2020)

  1. Hello Henry,
    My name is Richard MacDonald from Iroquois Falls. I used to visit your parents at the store and they would tell me how you were doing. I have wanted to speak with you for a long time even though I have never met you. I visited Krugerdorf after reading your essay in The Enterprise. I hope your mom is well and I hope to be able to speak with you at some time,

  2. Dr Abrahamson,

    I recently ran across your online lectures, and have been fascinated by the depth of your biblical and historical knowledge. Your humour has helped greatly in absorbing the information. As an Anglican pastor for forty years, it saddens me to see so much historical christian antisemitism and replacement theology.


    Rev. Dr. Ed Hird

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