History and Practice of Eating Donuts on Chanukah: A Book Review

Review of Reuven Melekh ben Binyamin Yitzhak Schwartz, Emek Ha-Sufganim: Iyunim u-beiurim be-inyan minhag akhilat sufganim be-yemei hanukah Israel: Sh. Vaynraikh, Hanukah 5780 (2019), 431 pages.

For a copy, please contact your local Jewish bookseller or the phone numbers listed on the copyright page: (718) 253-2804; (516) 581-3597; (718) 501-3165.

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  1. Richard G MacDonald says:

    Thank you Henry for the History of eating donuts, I quite enjoyed watch you wax eloquent on donuts at Chanukah. Happy Chanukah to you and your family. Richard MacDonald

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