What is a Synagogue? (3rd in a series). Also, The Premature Burial Crisis of 1772, and the Jewish Catacombs of Rome

What is a Synagogue? 3. A Place of Rejoicing (Dura Europos and YILC)

Thank G-d, the hostages in Colleyville, Texas, have been released to safety. Jews all over the world breathe a sigh of relief, and express gratitude to the law enforcement officers for their protection. After the attacks on synagogues in Pittsburgh in 2018 and Poway in 2019, the need for Synagogue security is demonstrated once again. Many thanks to the guards at my Shul. These three videos on the topic of What is a Synagogue? are especially relevant at this moment. Four more are planned for coming weeks.

Moses Mendelssohn, Yaakov Emden, and the Assault on Jewish Funereal Custom

The Jewish Catacombs of Rome

Biblical Jewish History Students: New Draft Chapter now Online

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  1. Stewart E Weinberg says:

    I happened to read Mark Hamers how to catch a mole, being referred by a review of his newer book in the journal. I thought it was beautiful and poetic, though of course not at all from a Torah perspective. Thank you for this and all of the other classes associated with the daf

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