A Passover Message from 418 BCE; The Mayor of Kyiv and his Jewish Grandmother; Secret History of Chad Gadya

Wishing you all a redemptive Passover season.

Jerusalem to Egypt, 418 BCE: No Beer on Passover, Ok?

Antisemitism in Medieval Ashkenaz

Coming soon: The Sabbatean Episode. More lectures available for students enrolled in the online course A Thousand Years of Ashkenaz (see below).

Mayor Vitalii Kitchko of Kyiv, his Jewish Grandmother, and the Jewish Past and Future of Ukraine

The Lead Curse Tablet from Mt. Ebal

This video is also available to students registered in the Biblical Jewish History Course (see below).

The Secret History of Chad Gadya

New Material Uploaded to Biblical Jewish History Course!

New Material Uploaded to A Thousand Years of Ashkenaz Course!


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  1. Harlan Loebman says:

    Good afternoon,

    I am reportedly 100% Ashkenaz according to Ancestry.com. Also, according to Family Tree. This is where I learned of the western migration through China and Russia etc. According to Ancestry I share DNA with Chinese and Uighers as well as others. This tends to support the theory that the Ashkenazi come from the Khazars. Please help me understand.

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