Should Jews Support Ukraine?; New Draft Chapter in Biblical History online; The Soviet Experience (Ashkenazium Lectures pt. 10) premieres at 12 noon ET; Thank you to Renewal Supporters!

Proud to work with Unpacked on this brief yet sophisticated discussion of a complex topic.

New Draft Chapter in Biblical Jewish History now Online

Very pleased to be receiving comments on the draft chapters in my forthcoming book with Koren Publishers! Students registered in the Biblical Jewish History course are welcome to read and critique. New chapter drops this morning; publication scheduled for 2024.

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The Soviet Experience (The Ashkenazium Lectures Part X)

Premieres today at 12 Noon ET with Live Chat

Thank You to All who Donated to Renewal!

My wife and I are hugely grateful to those of you who donated to Renewal during their annual fundraiser. We have almost met our goal of raising $3,600 to support kidney transplants; a cause that is deeply personal since my wife Ilana chose to become an altruistic donor three years ago. The need is great, but the fundraiser is ongoing for a little while longer–won’t you please join us in this very worthy cause? Please click on the image for more information.


  1. kevin says:

    With all respect to your work which is fantastic, I was somewhat mystified how you fell for the Saknuts definition of a Sephardi, basically anybody who is not Ashkenazi. My wifes family come from Morocoo and do not consider themselves Sephardi.. Sephardi means one thing Ancestry in Iberia you are wrong to dilute its meaning. Last year an Ashkenaz member of Shearith Israel wanted to know why he could could not have Portuguese Citizenship, as he was Sephardi ! I do not Jest.. he insisted as he attended Shearith he was Sephardi. Dr Abrahamson its important

  2. patrick occhino says:

    I am patient but persistent. There is an impediment to peace which is intend on correcting before i leave this planet. That impediment has taken the rightful devotion of the Jewish people and turned it into something dark. I ask again, What is the single universal characteristic unifying all Jewish people now that Israel has bee restored?

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