Masada Rebels on Trial; What is the Golem?; 19 Videos Added to Course “1000 Years of Ashkenaz”; Maimonides on Teshuvah on Sale for Elul

Mock Trial held at the Jewish National Retreat

Unpacked Riffs on the Golem

A Thousand Years of Ashkenaz: 19 Videos Added!

A Thousand Years of Ashkenaz

Click here to register for this online course!

Get Ready for Elul with Maimonides on Teshuvah

Click here to order your copy! Now on sale for Elul.

Origins of Polish Jewry; Who Was Walter Süsskind? Elephants, Jews and Medieval Art (National Geographic Article); See you at the National Jewish Retreat! Matt Baker on Jewish Denoinations

The Ashkenazi Migration to Eastern Europe

Last video in the Birth of Ashkenaz series. Join me for a live chat!

Jewish Hero Saves 600 Children in Nazi-Occupied Amsterdam

Tom Metcalfe on Elephants in Medieval Art in National Geographic

Really honored to be interviewed for this fascinating National Geographic piece on the depictions of elephants in medieval art. Here’s the link to the article, although you might need to subscribe to see it:

National Jewish Retreat in Palm Springs, CA

Really looking to speaking here: the audiences are apparently very intelligent! Better not tell any jokes.

Matt Baker on Jewish Denominations

Matt Baker makes some really informative videos with great emphasis on the use of charts. I was happy to offer some comments on a revised version of his video on Jewish Denominations. I’m sure we could still quibble a bit–as they say, “two Jews, three opinions”–but this is a very helpful overview.

Who Was Simon Wiesenthal? The Expulsion of Jews from Medieval Ashkenaz; The Roman-Jewish Wars of 66-135 CE; Join me at the National Jewish Retreat!

The Life of the original Nazi Hunter

The Expulsion of the Jews from Medieval Ashkenaz

Premiering at 10 AM ET

The Roman-Jewish Wars, 66-135 CE

Recording of live lecture presented at Congregation Darchei Noam, Tisha B’Av 5783 (July 27, 2023)

Join me at the National Jewish Retreat!

Really pleased to be joining a tremendous roster of speakers in Palm Springs this month for the National Jewish Retreat! Please click here for more information.

Jewish Humor (even during the 9 Days); The Jews of Antwerp; Ashkenazim in Woodmere and upcomingTisha B’Av Lectures (RSVP for Webinar)

Surprisingly insightful look at the nature of Jewish humor

At first I was concerned that this was released during the 9 Days, but it actually has a lot of relevance to this sad time of the year. Very proud–as always–to have had a small role in putting this together with the remarkable team at Unpacked.

The Jews of Antwerp

Really looking forward to visiting Antwerp with Kosher Riverboat Cruises!

Monday Night: Live in Woodmere

Part I seemed to go well. Conclusion this Monday night, no recording planned.

The Church and the Jews in 13th c. Ashkenaz

Premieres Sunday 10am ET with live chat

Tisha B’Av Lectures

Shaharit is scheduled for 7:15 am.

Please RSVP at

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