Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch: Architect of Modernity

This lecture is sponsored by Mr. Daniel Sommer.



The TorahCafe.com people later edited this video very nicely, although for some reason they keep removing my opening joke! Still, it’s great to have the PowerPoints integrated into the video, so here’s a slightly different version for your enjoyment. Click on the icon below for the humorless, but more beautiful, version of this lecture.


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Israel ben Eliezer: The Ba’al Shem Tov


Correction: the reference in the lecture was to the Pittsburgh Platform (not the Philadelphia Platform). Even that, however, was a mistake: I was thinking of the 1883 Cincinatti “Trefa Banquet.”    Thank you for the clarification, Menachem!

Rabbi Yosef Karo: The Kabbalah of Halakhah

Rabbi Yosef Karo: The Kabbalah of Halakhah Delivered at the Young Israel of Bal Harbour, January 25, 2012.

Lecture sponsored by Menachem Sternbaum, Susan Leaventon, and an anonymous donor.


Correction: it wasn’t Rothschild after all, it was the Duke of Naxos.

Update: The nice people over at TorahCafe took this video and improved it considerably. Here’s an edited version, with the powerpoints integrated into the lecture, and a generally tightened up format:


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