Rabbi Leone da Modena and the Struggle with Addiction in 17th c. Venice

A remarkable self-portrait of an unusual Italian scholar

Premieres today at 12 Noon ET

This brief video is offered on the occasion of my father’s yahrzeit.


The Roman Conquest of Jerusalem; Tisha B’Av Webinar; Kinot in Fort Lee

Sadly, another Tisha B’Av. Kinot with Rabbi Zev Goldberg in Fort Lee.

The Roman Conquest of Jerusalem

Premieres at 1:30 PM ET

Why do we Mourn Today? Webinar with Rabbi Ya’akov Trump and Rabbi Ashie Schreier of YILC

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Monday: Rabbi Leone da Modena and the Struggle with Addiction in 17th c. Venice

Premieres Monday at Noon ET

Establishment of the Ghetto in Venice; The Roman Destruction of Jerusalem in History and Talmud

Tisha B’Av webinar with Rabbi Ya’akov Trump and Rabbi Ashie Schreier of YILC

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Establishment of the Ghetto in Venice

Premieres at Noon ET

Tisha B’Av in Fort Lee, NJ

Jews and Money; A Roman-Era Amulet of a Jewish Child in Austria; Tisha B’av at YILC

Proud to have worked with Unpacked on this complex topic.

The Halbturn Amulet and what it means for the early history of Jews in central Europe

Premiering 11 AM ET

Hopefully no Tisha B’av this year, but just in case.

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17th of Tammuz: the Somme (WWI), D-Day (WWII), and meditations on Josephus

Visiting French memorials to Jews who fell in World War I and II (11am ET)

Tonight at 7pm: Josephus and Jewish Identity, With Rabbi Ya’akov Trump

Experimental livestream for channel members.

Shabbat at the Altneu; Jews in World War I; Lecture with Rabbi Ya’akov Trump

Three Reflections on the Meaning of Judaea Capta in Jewish History

Honored to be meeting the unique congregation I’ve heard so much about, led by Rabbi Benjamin Goldschmidt and Rebbitzen Avital Chizik-Goldschmidt. I plan to offer three lectures on aspects of captivity in Jewish history, looking at the very different biographies of Josephus, Rabbi Kalonymus Kalmish Shapiro, and Uriel D’Acosta. RSVP is required, please visit https://thealtneu.org/home for details.

Jews and World War I: A Visit to the Somme Battlefield

Josephus, the Battle of Jotapata (67 CE), and the Birth of Jewish Historiography

Rebel Hero or Roman Traitor?

A brief (12m) video version of my recent article on Aish.com. The draft book chapters are in Biblical Jewish History course. A complex figure! I spend a lot of time thinking about him and his work.

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Shabbaton in Fair Lawn, NJ

What is the Meaning of Jewish History?

I gave this series of talks last week in Teaneck and managed to duck most of the hard questions (phew). Not so sure I will get off so easily in Fair Lawn! Please join us.


Parshat Shlach, June 24-25
Sponsored by:
-Eve Thaler for the yarzheit of her husband, David Thaler z”l
-Jon and Ahuva Lamm for the yahrzeit of Jon’s grandfather, Rabbi Maurice Lamm Rav Moshe ben Meir Shmuel
-Chavi and Ari Diamond
Theme: “What is the Meaning of Jewish History?”
All lectures are cumulative in nature, but can be appreciated on their own.
Friday Night Lecture at 9:15 p.m.: “Wrong Answers Only- Josephus and the Roots of Jewish History”
Shabbat Morning Drasha
Shabbat Afternoon at 5:15 p.m
.: “Probably Not What You Think- David Gans and the Idea of Parallel History”
Shabbat Evening between Mincha and Maariv: “Now We’re Getting Somewhere- Cecil Roth and Covenantal History”

Who Was Cecil Roth, Historian?

A brief overview of his courageous scholarship.

I spoke about him at a recent Shabbaton in Teaneck, and someone from the UK was in the audience: Dr. Roth pronounced his first name SEH-sil, not SEE-sil. If I had realized this when I made the video I would have used the English pronunciation rather than the American.

Shabbaton in Fair Lawn!