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Looking forward to your next series of informative lectures.  Yours and Yale courses online are the best lectures on YouTube! Thank you.


Great lecture, learned a lot in 30 minutes. Thank you, Dr. Abramson. I will look for your other videos.

It’s hard to find good historical discussion of religion on youtube, after watching a couple of your videos i’m definitely subscribing. 


I really enjoy your lectures. They are like eating really good Chinese food. 

Ari Kashton

I am quite a fan, your videos are the ones playing all day while I work here. Incredible content and great presentation 🙂 So thank you!

Esty Perman
Thank you very much for these fantastic lectures, Dr. Abramson. They provide perspective and background on many of the G’doleh Dorot and what they ultimately accomplished to make the Torah, Talmud, and Judaic practices accessible to all.
A most excellent lecture and introduction to the Romanized, Jewish Historian Josephus…I’m glad that you mentioned the gospel accounts in your lecture and that you read them…looking forward to the next lecture.

Another great teaching. I could listen to you all day long. 

Norman Robinson


Best educational content on youtube!

Dr. Joseph M. Weinstein


So interesting!

Richard Moore


A.)  I, Your Student, Profusely Thank You, My Prof. !

B.)  I enjoy your lectures immensely and enthusiastically look forward to Many More, B”H !   

C.) I’d Like To Know Not Just What You Know, But Also What You Have Forgotten !



Happened on this lecture by chance while doing some research on Paul.  I am a Christian who still has many questions so I really appreciate the candor and humility of your approach to controversy.   I found the lecture enlightening and I will pursue your other lectures on Jewish history. So refreshing to listen to a talk totally devoid of stridency.  I was shocked by the art examples.   Very well done.  God bless you.




I have been studying world history on my own, and have a special interest in Jewish history because I have been working on my family genealogy for a few years. Your lectures are very insightful! 



Dankon Rabeno Abramson pro via tre interesa prelego pri la kontribuoj de L.L.Zamenhof.

Betty Chatterjee


Great lecture!

Mendy Ross


Thank you for putting this in the public forum for us to share. 🙂

Panendeism Enformationist


Thank you so much for such enlightening material. Like Rebbe, you begin the shiur with a joke which is equivalent to a “spoonful of sugar” to help the medicine go down and very much appreciated.

Shmuel Hirsh, Betar Illit, Israel


Very illuminating.  This was an hour well spent.

Yochanan McWade


I’m a bachur in Yeshivas Ner Yisrael and am a fan of your lectures. I enjoy listening to them on my ipod.

Noach Gruen


I came across your website by chance and have richly enjoyed your lecture on Rashi. I wish I’d had a tutor/lecture of your candour and insight. I loved your picture wading out into the sea with a Gemmara aloft.

Gideon Leventhall-Airley


That was really really helpful thank you 🙂 Much learned.



Superb lectures. Thank you, Dr. Abramson. 🙂

Edwin Stratton


You actually have got a pretty good accent when you pronounce Greek names or Greek words, and this is common with most native Hebrew speakers as Hebrew is pretty similar to Greek with respect to phonetics and pronunciation. As a speaker of both Hebrew and Greek I can appreciate that. Really enjoy your lectures, good job and my respect.

Leo Yavan


Your son is fantastic; he’s a keeper. And of course I absolutely love your lectures. I have learned so much.




I check every day for a new lecture, thank you so much for sharing your work with all of us…Enjoyed this so much I watched it twice, thank you so much  Dr. Abramson.

Johnny Boozewitz


Very enjoyable lecture. Nice teaching style.


I wish I could take your class!


Excellent. Well organized, objective and very succinct. Thank you.



Toda Rabbah … Reb Snag, Mr. Rodriquez and The Brilliant Ms. Abramson 🙂



This was great. Just what I was looking for. Concise with all the important points covered. Thanks!


I like your lectures so much that I watch them for entertainment. 



Excellent lecture.  Thanks!

Pointless Bunkum


Ideal teacher!


I was raised in catholic schools and I’ve always been in the dark about this topic (relationship between Judaism and Christianity etc.). Classical catholic education does not shed any light onto this. Your lectures are very inspiring , have great clarity and your argumentation is fresh and solid. As an agnostic, I can certainly appreciate your objective approach. Exactly what I was looking for! Subscribed. Keep up the good work! 

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  1. Dr Abramson. Great lectures and videos. Your lecture on Benjamin Disraeli is a bit weak on English Jewish Medieval history. The martyrdom in York was 1190 (not 13th century), and follows on to the complex history of the third crusade and the Coronation of Richard I. The reason for the expulsion of the Jews is nuanced and economically driven within a matrix of medieval anti-Jewish fervour. The expulsion of 1290 was the first complete expulsion of a Jewish community in Europe.

  2. Thank you so much Rabbi.
    Your lectures are informative and deep yet refreshing and a pleasure to listen to.

    Please let us know if you would like to lead your following to see firsthand the fascinating places in Europe that make up much of the content of your lectures. Goldenlegacytours.com

    Gzunt un Shtark

  3. Dr. Abramson,
    I begin by saying that your lectures fascinate me and I especially love the jokes. My story is a bit unusual in that I live and was raised in Hawaii. My mother is of Hawaiian ancestry and my father from Vienna Austria. I was baptised a Catholic but do not practice any formal religion. It was not until I became an adult, (I am 63), that I became aware that my father was a Jew. He never talked about it. His life is another incredible story. In fact he is the last surviving person in the world who was present at the Nuernburg trials. He was an interpreter. His name: Siegfried Ramler. Anyway, for whatever reason he never talked about his/my Jewish background or Jewish history, faith, etc. A couple of years ago I read “The History of the Jews” by Paul Johnson and recently “Jews, God, and History”, by Max Dimont. To expand upon things that really impacted me I turned to You Tube and stumbled upon your lectures. The whole experience has been enlightening and has somehow made me feel more complete and certainly given me a new understanding of myself and my father. I could go on and on. But I wanted to let you know you have given me a broader vision of life and the world we live in. And for that I am truly grateful!
    Aloha!! Kawika Ramler Hilo, Hawaii

    1. Aloha Ms. Ramler!

      Thank you for sharing your fascinating background–my wife and I both found it highly interesting. Thanks also for the kind words on the lectures, I’m glad you find them useful.

      Max Dimont’s book made a big impression on me when I was a teenager (also, in a similar vein, James Michener’s The Source). He’s a very powerful and emotive writer.

      Thanks again for your wonderful post, particularly the information about your father.


  4. Dr. HMA
    Wow! Thank You! For the reply. Never expected one! Needless to say it made my day!!
    A short note as I’m sure you are a very busy man.
    I am “Mr.”. Kawika is actually the Hawaiian translation for “David”. I got a good laugh!
    My Dad, Siegfried Ramler will turn 90 this year and still very active.. He, like you is a highly recognized and respected educator. He recently wrote a book on his life, (the title escapes me at the moment), that you might find interesting.
    Shalom, Kawika (David) in Hawaii.

  5. Dear HMA,

    Enjoying the lectures on line and looking forward to watching many more!


  6. I love your lectures! But I haven’t been able to find any on my favorite topic: the revival of Hebrew in the Modern Period. Can you do a lecture on Eliezer Ben Yehuda and/or a lesser known figure of the same ilk? אני ממש אעריך את זה!!!

  7. I “chanced” upon your history videos one day while googling something, and I now watch your history lectures regularly.
    I love them, and thank you for them!

  8. I enjoy all your lectures. Just listened again to the one on Aaron of Lincoln. You do not make it clear that the original castle in York was made of wood and that was the one that was burn down with the Jews in it. The stone castle you show was build on the same site after. Thank you for letting us watch your lectures. Many thanks, Alan.

  9. OK, Dr. Abramson. Passover is over. Now get back to work. New series of lectures very demanding, I know. However, jokes, comments and fun make it all so much better. Thank you.
    Paul Lifland
    Corpus Christi, TX——–No, there are no corned beefs on rye.

  10. Great lectures on Teshuvah. Please can you let me know how I can get a copy of your Maimonides on Tesuvah in the UK. Many thanks.

  11. Hello Dr. Abramson– I am a Sabbath/ Holy day keeping Christian. I have found your lectures, and listen to them on my nightly walks. I really enjoy the biographies on Bible men and women. Please sign me up for your emails so I know about new lectures.

    Listener in Oklahoma

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