Biblical Jewish History

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An overview of Jewish history from earliest times through the second century, covering First and Second Temple periods, the Assyrian and Babylonian Exiles, the Roman period and the birth of Christianity, the first Roman-Jewish War and the Bar Kochba revolt. Impress your relatives and former friends with your knowledge of Biblical Jewish History!


  1. The Land of Israel
  2. The Biblical Narrative
  3. The Archaeological Record
  4. Daily Life in Biblical Israel
  5. The Assyrian Exile
  6. The Babylonian Exile
  7. The Maccabean Revolt
  8. The World of the Sages
  9. Judaea under Roman Rule
  10. The Birth of Christianity
  11. The First Roman-Jewish War
  12. The Bar Kochba Revolt
  13. Women in Ancient Israel
  14. Earliest Diaspora Communities
  15. The Jewish People Survive Antiquity

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This course builds on the Jewish History Lab series in my YouTube channel. If you’re just interested in binge-watching the free videos, please do so in good health, no need to register for this course. On the other hand, if you would like to pursue your learning objectives to a greater depth, here’s a few things you can expect by registering:

  1. Access to the draft text of Volume 1 of The Jewish People: A History, a three-volume series under contract with Koren Publishers in Jerusalem. You’ll have the opportunity to comment on the draft as I write it, and thereby literally make your contribution to Jewish history! Amazing, right? I love the Internet.
  2. Low-stakes, no-pressure self-tests on each of the 15 modules in the course, so you can measure your comprehension.
  3. On occasion, some new videos that I’m not quite ready to release to the wider web audience just yet.
  4. A nifty certification of completion when you’ve gone through the units.
  5. More opportunities to interact with the instructor (me) and other serious fellow students.

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1. The Land of Israel

2. The Biblical Narrative

After discussing the challenges of using the Bible to study History (with reference to the Maximalist-Minimalist debate), a discussion of the period of the Patriarchs (Genesis), Egyptian servitude (Exodus), and the settlement of the Land of Israel (Joshua).


Video: Approaching the Bible as a Historical Source Video: Genesis in Historical Perspective Video: Exodus in Historical Perspective Readings: The Biblical Narrative Quiz: Self-Test Your Learning Bonus video: What is the Oldest Extant Text of the Torah? Another Bonus Video: Even older text discovered!

3. The Archaeological Record

4. Daily Life in Biblical Israel

5. Exile and Return

The tumultuous events of the late 8th=6th centuries BCE: the Assyrian invasion and the forced population movements of the tribes of Israel and the origins of the Samaritan population; the Babylonian invasion and the destruction of the Temple.


Video: The Assyrian Invasion of Israel Video: The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel Video: Origins of the Samaritans Reading: Exile and Return Video: The Babylonian Exile Video: The Persian Period Video: Judah after the Fall of Israel Bonus video: When was the Book of Esther written?

6. The Maccabean Revolt

The conquest of Alexander the Great and the Maccabean revolt against his successor kingdoms, placing the Hasmonean dynasty in control of the land of Israel.


Video: Athens and Jerusalem Video: The Maccabean Revolt Video: The Hasmonean Dynasty Reading: The Maccabean Revolt (Forthcoming)

7. The World of the Sages

A look at Rabbinic Judaism, with emphasis on two key texts: the Midrash and the Mishnah.


Video: The Rise of the Rabbis Video: The Midrash Video: The Mishnah Reading: The World of the Sages (Forthcoming)

8. Judaea under Roman Rule

The rise of the Herodian dynasty under Roman sponsorship and the development of sectarianism, including the Qumran community of Dead Sea Scrolls fame.


Video: The Reign of King Herod Video: Pharisees, Sadducees, Zealots Video: The Dead Sea Scrolls Reading: Judaea under Roman Rule (Forthcoming)

9. The Birth of Christianity

10. The First Roman-Jewish War

The political, economic and religious underpinnings to the disastrous Roman-Jewish War of the first century, which resulted in the destruction of the second Temple.


Video: The First Roman-Jewish War Video: The Fall of Jerusalem Video: Aftermath of the Great Revolt Reading: The First Roman-Jewish War (Forthcoming)

11. The Bar Kochba Revolt

The heroic, doomed revolt of Bar Kochba against the Romans in the second century.


Video: The Kitos Rebellion Video: The Bar Kochba Revolt Reading: The Bar Kochba Revolt (Forthcoming)

12. Women in Ancient Israel

13. Earliest Diaspora Communitie

A look at the major Diaspora communities that predated the first Roman-Jewish war: Egypt, Mesopotamia, and the eastern Mediterranean.


Video: Egypt Video: Mesopotamia Video: The Mediterranean Reading: Earliest Diaspora Communities (Forthcoming)

14. The Jewish People Survive Antiquity

Reflections on the experience of the Jewish people in antiquity and the remarkable fact of their survival into the medieval period.


Video: How did the Jewish People Survive Antiquity? Video: What is the Meaning of Jewish History? Reading: The Jewish People Survive Antiquity (Forthcoming)