I am pleased that many viewers wish to demonstrate their enthusiasm in a pragmatic manner by supporting causes related to my research. Here are a few of the institutions and programs I am associated with and encourage their support:

The Friends of Jewish History is a fund I initiated at Touro College used to support undergraduate scholarships.

The Young Israel of Lawrence-Cedarhurst is the synagogue where I serve as Resident Scholar.

The Orthodox Union hosts the All Daf app where I podcast as Jewish History in Daf Yomi.

Renewal is an organization that serves as a resource for kidney donors and recipients. My wife is an altruistic donor, and we frequently help Renewal raise funds to continue their lifesaving efforts.

All of the above are registered as charitable institutions with the relevant tax implications. I am grateful for anyone who feels moved to support any of these worthwhile causes that are close to my heart.

From time to time I receive messages from generous people who want to support my research specifically. Your thoughts are much appreciated, particularly because my goal is to make Jewish history accessible to everyone free of charge. If you are so motivated, please feel free to use the form below. And thanks.


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Your contribution is appreciated.

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