Recommended Reading

Books by Henry Abramson

1. The Land of Israel in the Ancient World

2. Earliest Populations of the Land of Israel

3. Approaching the Bible as a Historical Source

4. Genesis in Historical Context

5. Exodus in Historical Context

6. Joshua, Judges, and the Settlement of Ancient Israel

7. The United Monarchy under Kings Saul, David and Solomon

8. The Divided Monarchy of Judah and Israel

9. Daily Life in Biblical Israel: Economics

10. Daily Life in Biblical Israel: Family

11. Daily Life in Biblical Israel: Ritual

12. The Assyrian Invasion of Israel

13. The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel

14. Origins of the Samaritans

15. Judah after the Fall of Israel

16. The Babylonian Exile

17. The Persian Period

18. Athens and Jerusalem

19. The Maccabean Revolt

20. The Hasmonean Dynasty

21. The Rise of the Rabbis

22. The Midrash

23. The Mishnah

24. The Reign of King Herod

25. Pharisees, Sadducees, and Zealots

26. The Dead Sea Scrolls

27. Judea in the Time of Jesus

28. Jesus and the Jewish Community

29. The Separation of Church and Synagogue

30. The First Roman-Jewish War

31. The Fall of Jerusalem

32. The Aftermath of the Great Revolt

33. The Kitos Rebellion

34. The Bar Kochba Revolt

35. When Did Judaism Become Matrilineal?

36. Women in Ancient Israel

37. Jewish Women in Antiquity: Three Exceptional Examples

38. The Diaspora in Antiquity: Egypt

39. The Diaspora in Antiquity: Mesopotamia

40. The Diaspora in Antiquity: The Mediterranean

41. How did the Jewish People Survive Antiquity?

42. What is the Meaning of Jewish History?

43. From Tana’im to Amora’im

91. Shabbetai Tsvi, False Messiah

92. Origins of the Jews of the Americas

93. Jewish Migration to the New World

94. The Birth of Hasidism

95. The Mitnagdim Strike Back

96. The Haskalah


97. Emancipation of the Jews

100. Ukrainians and Jews in Revolutionary Times

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  1. Krugerdorf, used to be called Krugersdorf. Bella Briansky Kalter wrote a piece (not sure where it appeared), and my article in Canadian Jewish Studies has some information. Good luck!

  2. I really appreciate your teachings on biblical history. I am hoping to see a book on the subject. Shalom!

  3. Henry,
    I can’t figure out if you are a jew or Zionist. I suspect you a Zionist as true Jews are nearly extinct. I am trying desperately to figure out why the idea of Zionism is being pitched as a creation o Herzl? Herzl, himself states in the first three sentences of the preface , in his work Der Judenstaat, that zionism isn’t new. That it has existed, ‘slumbering’ for centuries. I agree. In fact, i am willing to put my life on the lie and make the claim early zionist ideology created Christianity.
    And at the moment the zionist have betrayed their faith and are holding the true jews hostage.
    Before i leave this earth i am going to right this wrong. This deception must cease. And the only way for the jews/zionist to come out of this tragedy successfully is to acknowledge the whole thing is a myth. I know it’s myth because this idea of convivence with man and god resulting instructions for the whole world to follow which is prejudicial to nonjews is yet another lie.

    You may think what you will of me. It matters not to me. What does matter is the perpetuation of lie which harming humanity. I seek truth. The truth exists. The claims of the Zionists who have forced nearly every jew to convert have brought me here. Honorable man don’t lie. Moral men lie all day long.

  4. Why would the creator gift humans with the freedom of conscience, only to send a group of people out on a mission to deny humanity of that gift?

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