Jewish History in Daf Yomi

Jewish History in Daf Yomi, a project of the OU Daf Yomi Initiative, presents brief videos (2-5 minutes) on a variety of historical subjects related to the specific page in the Daf Yomi program of Talmud study. At present over 150 videos are online at and in the OU Torah App, and will be featured in AllDaf, a new App currently under development. In the meantime, the growing number of videos (a total of 2,711 are projected) are serviced by this rudimentary index.

How to Use the Index:

  1. In a separate window, open up
  2. Click here to open up the General Index (alphabetized by topic).
  3. Alternatively, click here to open up the Subject Index (alphabetized by subject: Biography, Culture, Economics, Geography, Medicine, Numismatics, Technology, The Talmudic Page, Weights and Measurements).
  4. Note the Tractate and Daf of the desired video.
  5. Return to and select the Tractate and Daf from the drop-down menu.
  6. Enjoy the videos in good health!

Last updated: July 5, 2019.

Promotional Video for Jewish History in Daf Yomi
What is the Talmud? (History of the Talmud, pt 1)
The Emergence of the Mishnah (History of the Talmud pt. 2)

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