Survivors, this is your FINAL SURVIVAL CHALLENGE–at least until the next Existential Crisis (maybe HISN 156). Get your act together, and get creative: use multimedia, come up with unusual strategies to get your message across. And I remind you: this isn’t a game. The ideas you come up with here may very well be the strategies that the Jewish community will need in the future. Do well–we are are depending on you.

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For Jewish History, the Medieval period may be understood to end with the abrupt, sudden, and earth-shattering expulsion of the Jews from Spain and Portugal at the end of the 15th century. This was a cataclysmic development for the Iberian Jewish population, and had marked effects on the next five hundred years of Jewish migration and culture to the present day. In order to understand the enormity of the change, we will look at just a few figures from the immediate post-expulsion generation, to get a sense of their survival strategies.

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