Was there a Jewish Dark Age, and Are the Lemba of South Africa Genetically Jewish?

This is a really fascinating topic.

Premieres at 11am ET.

Here’s a brief follow-up presentation related to The Jews of Africa lecture. Enjoy in good health!

Was there a Jewish Dark Age?

Recording of live lecture available to Channel Members at the Researcher and Colleague levels.

A “studio” version–meaning a recording of me talking into my iMac–is forthcoming, once I have a few moments to concentrate. For now, here’s the unedited/uncensored recording of the live lecture for Channel Members.

Big News Coming Next Week

Don’t want to say just what yet. But it’s big, like years in the making big.

Jewish Life in the (not so) Dark Ages; Is Printing a Jewish Invention? Babatha: The Jewish Mom of Ancient Times

Final Episode of Season One, and it’s PHENOMENAL.

I feel so honored to have worked with this amazing team at Unpacked on the Jewish History Unpacked podcast. We are thrilled that it has received such a positive response, ranking #1 in Judaism podcasts for the first few weeks and remaining in the top ten ever since. Please check out how Schwab and Yael explore the amazing history of Babatha, a 2nd-century woman who found herself caught up in the Bar Kochba rebellion. It’s a jaw-dropper. Click here to hear the whole series: https://jewishunpacked.com/podcast-series/jewish-history-unpacked/

Is Printing a Jewish Invention? Maybe not (but it should be)

Premieres at 10:00 am ET with live chat. Join us for a conversation about this amazing new discovery!

Jewish Life in the (not so) Dark Ages (new lecture series!)

Live classes open to the Five Towns community and YILC membership, Zoom link for YouTube Channel Members (Colleagues) available on the Community Tab. Revised recordings forthcoming.

Jewish Life in the (Not So) Dark Ages (New Series begins January 25); Eternal Outsider: The Uriel D’Acosta Story; The Saga of Dutch Jewry premieres today at 12pm ET

Can’t wait to discuss this fascinating but little-studied period of Jewish history!

Live at YILC, Zoom link available to YouTube Colleague members, edited recordings later.

Yael and Schwab discuss the tragic story of Uriel D’acosta in this amazing episode of Jewish History Unpacked

The Saga of Dutch Jewry

Premieres at 12 noon ET

Really pleased to speak to some of my amazing Touro University students at the Yeshiva of South Florida last week! Here’s a photo with Rabbi Simcha Shabtai.

The Jews of India and China; Radhanites as the First Kosher Cruisers; The Hebrew Hammer; The Synagogue and the Church Emergent

What an amazing history!

Premieres today at 11:00 am ET

Who Were the Radhanites?

A quick look at this remarkable group of 9th-century world travelers! (The first kosher cruisers?)

The Hebrew Hammer: The True Story of Hanukkah

Spoiler alert: this is maybe not the Hanukkah Podcast you were expecting.

The Synagogue and the Church Emergent (Jewish Encounter with Rome series)

Channel members.

Shabbetai Tzvi Unpacked (now ranked #1 in Judaism Podcasts); Babylonian Kutach Tasting Event (!); How did Jews get to Africa (and beyond)?; Who was Benjamin of Tudela?; Aryeh Runs for ADI Negev in Israel

Proud parent: Aryeh running to support ADI Negev

Very proud of our son Aryeh, raising funds to support the Respiratory Therapy and Hydrotherapy programs at ADI Negev, an institute that celebrates Ability, promotes Diversity and insists on Inclusion. Join us in supporting his worthy efforts! Please click here for more information: https://adi-il.org/campaign/aryeh-abramson/

How did Jews get to Africa (and Beyond?)

Lecture II of the Jewish Communities of Color Series scheduled for Wednesday night at 7pm PT (10pm ET). Please join us! RSVP at www.bit.ly/JEWSOFCOLOR.

Shabbetai Tzvi Unpacked! And it really is BONKERS.

Yael and Schwab preserve the excitement of discovery in this fantastic podcast. Here’s the latest episode, on Shabbetai Tzvi, and it is REALLY GREAT. Click here to listen: https://jewishunpacked.com/shabbetai-tzvi-a-bonkers-false-messiah-story/

Who was Benjamin of Tudela?

Premieres at 11:00 am with Live Chat–join us!

Babylonian Kutach Tasting Event!

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