Shabbat at the Altneu; Who was Rebecca of Tienen? Jewish History Nerds Season 2 Finale: Sarah Schenirer; The Babylonian Talmud

Latest Episode of the Jewish History Lab

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Join me this Shabbos in Manhattan at the extremely cool Altneu Synagogue!

I just thought this was so fascinating.

Season 2 Finale: Sara Schenirer!

Click here to listen to Yael and Schwab discuss the life and work of this remarkable woman!

Is there a Jewish Nose? The Tragic Cantor’s Fight of 1709; Family Size and Intellectual Life in Medieval Ashkenaz; Bonus Video from Boaz Abramson

Always amazed with the great team at Unpacked

Honored to have made a small contribution to this sophisticated yet humorous video.

This is a really bizarre story: the tragic controversy over cantorial style in Amsterdam, 1709

New Videos in the Birth of Ashkenaz Series

Are Jews White? Wuhsha the Broker from the Cairo Geniza! Three New Videos on Medieval Ashkenaz (including the Erfurt Horde)

Really impressed with the amazing team at Unpacked!

Very proud to have a small share in putting this video together.

Three New Videos on Medieval Ashkenaz

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View the whole playlist here:

Wuhsha the Broker: An Amazing Story from the Cairo Geniza

Yael and Schwab ar the ULTIMATE Jewish history Nerds! Very thrilled that the second season of our podcast has been hitting top ranking in the charts since we began. Click here to enjoy this new episode in good health!

Debunked: Did Jews Run the Slave Trade? Who was Carl Lutz? Jews, Art and the Medieval Economy; The Italian Village that Invented Judaism from Scratch

Ever wonder why Havdalah Boxes look like little towers?

Who was Carl Lutz?

Another complex and powerful video from the team at Unpacked

Meet this 20th c. Italian Villager who Invented Judaism from scratch

The story of Danuto Manduzio and the Jews of San Nicandro, Italy.

The 17th Century Jewish Woman from the Ghetto of Venice who Struck Back; The truly twisted Antisemite who pretended to be a Jewish Talmud student for 19 Years; and an Interview with Some Guy

While I was in Budapest with the Ashkenazium, two really amazing episodes of the Jewish History Nerds podcast dropped.

Fantastic experience working with Yael, Schwab and Rivky at Jewish History Nerds! Click here for the latest episodes: Sara Copia Sullam and Johannes Eisenmenger, or wherever you get your free podcasts.

Great Conversation with Jeff Cohen of From Saturday to Shabbos! I probably overshared.

Please click here to listen in. I definitely get points for answering the first question correctly, the rest I’m not so sure.

Most important line on this poster is at the bottom: “The Language of the Symposium is English.” Translation of the poster is below. Videos are forthcoming from the Ashkenazium on their YouTube channel, some clips on Facebook.

The Holy Fire Symposium Begins Tonight

Join Dr. Daniel Reiser, Dr. Michael Chighel and myself for a discussion of the life and works of the holy Rabbi Kalonymus Kalmish Shapiro.

The schedule of presentations and discussions is available here. Admission is free, but you have to be in Budapest: Duna utca 1, 18:00. For those of you who live elsewhere, we are planning to record the lectures and broadcast later on the Ashkenazium channel.

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