Solomon Mikhoels: Jews and Jewish Art in the USSR

Part I: [youtube=] Part II: [youtube=] Part III: [youtube=] Solomon Mikhoels (1890-1948) was one of the most prominent actors and directors in early Soviet Russia. His career coincides with the brief flourishing of Yiddish culture under the policy of korenizatsiia, or “indiginization,” when the Communist authorities sought to develop folk culture as a means of developingContinue reading “Solomon Mikhoels: Jews and Jewish Art in the USSR”

Shimon Dubnow: The Politics of Jewish Identity in the Modern World

[youtube=] Shimon Dubnow (1860-1941), a noted historian and activist whose theories of Jewish survival in the diaspora were extremely influential in the shaping Jewish identity in the modern world, from the future of Russian Jewry to the establishment of the modern Federation movement in the United States.  Dubnow’s scholarship was inextricably intertwined with the effortContinue reading “Shimon Dubnow: The Politics of Jewish Identity in the Modern World”

Moses Mendelssohn and the Haskalah Movement

[youtube=] Moses Mendelssohn was a hugely influential thinker in 18th-century Germany.  An unusually gifted intellect, he became the primary spokesperson for the emancipation of Jews in the 18th century, and his cause was championed by many non-Jewish liberals of the era. Heralded as the founder of the Reform movement even though Mendelssohn himself maintained anContinue reading “Moses Mendelssohn and the Haskalah Movement”

Nathan of Hanover and the Ukrainian Revolution of 1648-1649

[youtube=] Nathan of Hanover is best known for his moving chronicle of the Khmel’nyts’kyi (Chmielnicki) Rebellion. Entitled Yeven Metsulah (“The Abyss of Despair”), it records with remarkable fairness the social, political, economic and religious background of the mid-17th century Ukrainian movement against the Poles, along with the horrible pogroms perpetrated in the context of thatContinue reading “Nathan of Hanover and the Ukrainian Revolution of 1648-1649”

Bruria: Women in the Talmud

Here’s a lecture I delivered at the Shul of Bal Harbour, not part of the regular HIS 155/156 Series, but kind of nice. Edited by the great people at Please click on the icon above to see the video. I hope you find it interesting!