Nathan of Hanover and the Ukrainian Revolution of 1648-1649

[youtube=] Nathan of Hanover is best known for his moving chronicle of the Khmel’nyts’kyi (Chmielnicki) Rebellion. Entitled Yeven Metsulah (“The Abyss of Despair”), it records with remarkable fairness the social, political, economic and religious background of the mid-17th century Ukrainian movement against the Poles, along with the horrible pogroms perpetrated in the context of thatContinue reading “Nathan of Hanover and the Ukrainian Revolution of 1648-1649”

Bruria: Women in the Talmud

Here’s a lecture I delivered at the Shul of Bal Harbour, not part of the regular HIS 155/156 Series, but kind of nice. Edited by the great people at Please click on the icon above to see the video. I hope you find it interesting!

Rabbi Yosef Karo (Edited TorahCafe Version)

The nice folks over at TorahCafe took my lecture on Rabbi Yosef Karo and worked their magic on it, integrating the PowerPoint well with the lecture, and edited it down to a tighter presentation.  Please click on the TorahCafe icon below to view the improved version.