MIAMI Students! Last chance for me to teach a Melton class in Florida.

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Hello everyone!

I’m excited and challenged to be taking a new position in New York this summer, but I’ll be very sorry to leave this community that has been my home for almost twenty years. One of the last rituals of departure will be a last series of classes for the Florence Melton School for Adult Jewish Learning.

Here’s a nice email from my colleague and friend Efrat Zarren-Zohar, with a link to registration information. I’m especially proud that’s she’s going to be joining the class (we have some great arguments, all l’shem shomayim) and I would love to have the opportunity to learn with you all one last time! If you’re free Tuesday nights, please consider registering.


Nice email from Efrat:

I’m writing to you because my friend and teacher, Dr. Hillel Abramson, will be moving to New York at the end of this school year for a well-deserved promotion at Touro College.

But before he leaves, he’s agreed to teach one last course on his new book, The Kabbalah of Forgiveness, a translation, commentary and thought-provoking conversation about Rabbi Moshe Cordovero’s classic work (see description below).

Not only is this an important text to study (who doesn’t need to learn more about forgiveness of others and sometimes– even more importantly– ourself?!?!?)…

but it’s our final opportunity to study regularly with our own Hillel (and he’s not going to make you do it on one foot either 😉

Please consider registering for and/or sampling this class 7:30-9pm on Tuesday nights, starting February 10th at Temple Beth Sholom, Miami Beach.  

I will be signing up as well and am hoping to see you there too–I know you’ll love it!

Call me if you have any questions or hesitations.




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