Theodor Herzl: Visions of Israel

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  1. I enjoyed watching this video. Theodore Hertzel was an amazing Zionist leader. He used his career as a journalist, to help his people. Because he saw there was no solution to anti-Semitism growing in Europe, he took action to make Israel a place for refugees and wrote books to explain his desires and goals. Because of his determination to help Israel, he became a part of the Zionist congress. His deeds will never be forgotten. Thank you for posting this video.

  2. I’ve always felt uncomfortable with the quote “If you will it, it is no legend”. As you point out in the lecture, Herzl uses the word “Märchen” – a “fairy tale”. Perhaps you could render it as “If you will it, its no buba-meise”.

    1. Good translation! I’ve also seen it rendered as “traum” (dream), not nearly as evocative. In Hebrew it’s translated sometimes as “aggadah,” or “legend,” also not quite as strong as “bubbe-mayse.”

  3. I really enjoyed learning about Herzl. However I am reading a book called Muscular Judaism (I know strange title ) by Pressner. He stated that Herzl made a trip to Palestine in 1898 with the German Kaiser. Do you know about this event. ??

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