1. GMolayem says:

    I enjoyed watching this video. Theodore Hertzel was an amazing Zionist leader. He used his career as a journalist, to help his people. Because he saw there was no solution to anti-Semitism growing in Europe, he took action to make Israel a place for refugees and wrote books to explain his desires and goals. Because of his determination to help Israel, he became a part of the Zionist congress. His deeds will never be forgotten. Thank you for posting this video.

  2. Bob Epstein says:

    I’ve always felt uncomfortable with the quote “If you will it, it is no legend”. As you point out in the lecture, Herzl uses the word “Märchen” – a “fairy tale”. Perhaps you could render it as “If you will it, its no buba-meise”.

    1. Good translation! I’ve also seen it rendered as “traum” (dream), not nearly as evocative. In Hebrew it’s translated sometimes as “aggadah,” or “legend,” also not quite as strong as “bubbe-mayse.”

  3. Robert Kapchan says:

    I really enjoyed learning about Herzl. However I am reading a book called Muscular Judaism (I know strange title ) by Pressner. He stated that Herzl made a trip to Palestine in 1898 with the German Kaiser. Do you know about this event. ??

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