Rashi: Teacher of All Israel


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  1. I always liked reading and learning about the life Rashi, when I was a little girl. Watching this video, brought me good memories. Growing up, I learned he was a miracle child to a French family and that he added his commentaries to the torah. Because of him, Jews have the ability to understand the torah with clarity and teach others torah. Thank you for posting this lecture.

  2. Rashi is one of our Rishonim. He was a very big influence to many and even to us today. Rashi even influenced learned Christians who “went” to him for commentary and to understand the Hebrew scripture. We learn Rashi with everything we learn. Even as a much younger girl I have always learned about Rashi. He was a tremendous Tzaddik and he is often quoted. Rashi was an Ashkenazi Jew (beginning of Ashkenazi growth).

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