Yehudah Ha-Levi: Poet Philosopher of Sepharad


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  1. Yehuda Ha-Levi was and is a well- known poet. He is one of the greatest poets ever- in both religious and secular studies. He is famous for writing the Kuzari. Something that I really like about Yehuda Ha- Levi was that his secular poems were about friendship and eulogy. I think friendship is a very important subject to focus on and to write about. It shows that Yehuda Ha- Levi understood the importance of friendship and felt the need to spread it as a topic. I really appreciate this about him.

  2. Shalom shalom. I am an old “young student” of Jewish history. I was adviced to read the book – The Kuzari. However, I am not succed in getting it in free PDF dowload, I found your lecture!!! Please, if possible, get in contact. I would truly appreciate that. My e-mail is
    Thank you very much indeed.

    1. Would be nice Claudia if you reply to this email! And also pay the money you owe others….
      This is not the way to treat people!

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