Emanuel Ringelblum: Heroic Scholar of the Warsaw Ghetto


An examination of the life and work of Emanuel Ringelblum (1900-1944), the heroic Polish scholar who organized the underground Oneg Shabbat society in the Warsaw Ghetto. Ringelblum recognized the extreme and unprecedented nature of the Nazi onslaught early in the war, and brought together a group of highly dedicated volunteers who recorded every aspect of Jewish life in the ghetto, including a functioning underground medical school, theaters, newspapers and the like. Betrayed to the Germans, he died a martyr’s death, but not before he buried the Oneg Shabbat archives in milk cans. They were unearthed after the war, and constitute a major source for the study of the Holocaust.


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  1. I think he was a incredible man !! Him loved the justice.
    The world need people like him.I was watching an video last night about him.
    this video was a present by me from Marlene Hier from Simon Wiesenthal center (USA LA)
    I support Israel
    I´m not Jew but I love to Israel like I were a of them ! if some one ask because I said that my Answer will be !!because that Land belong to Hashem


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