Golda Meir and the Foundations of Israel

Golda Meir (1949), Photograph courtesy T. Brauner and Wikipedia Commons
Golda Meir (1949), Photograph courtesy T. Brauner and Wikipedia Commons

A presentation of the life of Golda Meir (1898-1978), spanning her immigration to Israel in 1921 through the end of her term as the fourth Prime Minister of Israel in 1974. The lecture will discuss the foundations of the Yishuv, the pre-state Jewish community, and touch on the major social and military conflicts that Israel endured during the first three decades of its existence.  The lecture was held at Young Israel of Bal Harbour.


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  1. I loved watching video on Golda Meir. It is so nice to hear that a Jewish woman dedicated her life for the people of Israel & became a powerful Prime Minister in Israel. Additionally, it is even more amazing to know that she was one of the people who signed the Declaration of Independence of Israel. While watching this video, I was very proud to learn about an incredible woman named, Golda Meir.

  2. I love Golda for many reasons: we are both Ukrainian-American Jews; we both were in Poelei Tzion, later called Habonim; and we both grew up on the north side (Walnut Street/North Ave) of Milwaukee. She lived there from 1906-1921; I lived there from 1946-1954, when we moved the northwest side/Sherman Park area where the reknowned Rabbi Twerski and his sons lived. My parents Irving and Faye Porter were members of his shul. She was a great lady and a great Zionist.

  3. Thanks!
    It very helpful to understand the political development of the state of Israel.
    Its help me very lot of.
    Thank you very much Mr.Abramson

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