David Reubeni: Politics and the Messiah

Signature of Solomon Molcho, Disciple of David Reubeni. Source: Wikimedia Commons.
Signature of Solomon Molcho, Disciple of David Reubeni. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

David Reubeni was one of the most colorful messianic figures of Jewish history.  A little person with a shady background, he was received with dignity by Popes and Kings in the fifteenth century, regaling them with tales of the Jews of the east and promising them great military victories should they enlist his service. He gathered Jewish followers around Europe, eventually attracting the unwanted attention of the Inquisition. Part of the Jewish Biography as History lecture series by Dr. Henry Abramson.

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  1. Hello rabbi abramson,

    I live in Williamsburg Brooklyn and love to watch your lectures online, fascinating and full of knowledge, thank you and continue there good work, btw I heard that you are accepting sponsors for the lectures, can you please let me know how much is the sponsorship? 

    Cheers Izzy Friedlander

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  2. Learning about David Reubeni was very interesting, as I had never heard of him. In fact, I thought Shabtai Tzvi was the only one who proclaimed that he was to be Moshiach.

  3. It was interesting to know that a man named: David Reuveni, had such a strong desire to bring the arrival of Mashiach. His dedication and desire to speak with leaders and try to create war between countries is remarkable. It is tragic that he died a horrible death and was unsuccessful with his goals. Thank you for posting this lecture.

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