Johann Eisenmenger and the Talmud

Title Page of Entdeckes Judenthum.
Title Page of Entdeckes Judenthum.

Posing as a would-be convert to Judaism, Johann Andreas Eisenmenger studied Rabbinic literature for 19 years before publishing a massive two-volume denunciation of the Talmud called “Judaism Revealed” in 1711. His defamation of Jews and Judaism has been the foundation of much antisemitic diatribe for the last three centuries. Part of the Jewish Biography as History series by Dr. Henry Abramson.

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  1. Thanks!
    I don’t know who live this life for 19 years! It’s crazy !
    How he can not see in 19 years something good in Judaism !?
    Its very sad that someone use so much time for such a thing…

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