Bilhah Abigaill Levy Franks: Jewish Women Building America

Source: Jewish Women's Archive.
Source: Jewish Women’s Archive.

Bilhah Abigaill Levy Franks lived in New York City in the early decades of the eighteenth century. Her correspondence with Naftali, her eldest son, reveals much about the inner life of a Jewish woman in colonial America. Part of the Jewish Biography as History series by Dr. Henry Abramson.

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  1. Since I don’t know in particular the Jewish History in America, it was very informative about the differences between “the alter heim” and America, The idea that a Jewish woman started to participate in the know howa at that time for me was another “fentzer” in my learning that I have to open.
    Thank you again for the wonderful lecture.
    Eva ZACk de Waisser

  2. The problem with intermarriage in America can be solved very simply, just move to Israel 🙂

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