Rabbi Israel Salanter: The Mussar Movement


Rabbi Yisrael Lipkin of Salant (Israel Salanter, 1810-1883) was the founder of the modern Mussar movement that revolutionized traditional Jewish education. Controversial during his lifetime, his ideas ultimately permeated the Yeshiva system as a whole. Part of the Jewish Biography as History series in Jewish History.

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  1. Rabbi Yisroel Salanter was the father of the Mussar movement. Mussar is not like Chumash or Navi. Mussar is something that is integrated into our everyday actions. Mussar is the movement that shapes our lives, the guide to proper Middos. Without Mussar we would technically be able to be proper Jews; however our beings, our doings, are appropriate, kind, and sincere because of the Mussar we learn.

  2. I was especially impressed by the account of Rav Yisroel Salanter’s level of Anava (humility). He solely wanted to learn Torah and did not want the fame that accompanies leading positions and writing books. This epitomizes who he was and what he stood for. He has taught us so much about Mussar and what it means to work on your middos.

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