Nicholas Donin and the Disputation of 1240 (This Week in Jewish History)

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In 1240 Nicholas Donin, a Jewish convert to Christianity, engaged in a public debate with his former teacher, Rabbi Yechiel of Paris. Donin charged that the Talmud was a noxious document that prevented the Jews from embracing Christianity, and brought a total of 35 distinct accusations against this ancient holy text. Ultimately, 24 carriage loads of Talmuds, representing 10,000 priceless manuscripts were burned in Paris on June 6, 1242.

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  1. The burning of books has always been a rallying cry of the Reactionist! The thought police are never satisfied. We have witnessed most recently Christian Fundamentalists burn the Koran in the land of the free, while our troops were trying to win the hearts and minds of Muslims in far flung fields of war! It had a serious and detrimental effect on Afgan relationships and US esteem.
    May we never again burn the sacred writings of any group of people just to keep things from changing as reactionaries do!

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