Who Was Aaron of Lincoln? Jewish Biography as History

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Reputed to be the wealthiest man in 11th century England–wealthier even than the King–Aaron of Lincoln was a hugely successful moneylender whose achievements included the financing of many cathedrals. His story, while exceptional in terms of scope, is nevertheless instructive of the Jewish experience in the medieval economy as a whole.



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  1. Excellent as always. I’ve actually been to Loncoln England and heard of his legend and legacy from the docent at Lincoln castle. Thank you again for your accurate, entertaining and informative lecture.

  2. Is discovered this lecture at the end of a very long day researching Jewish history in medieval England and at the end of the day began procrastinating by surfing the web (always a sign that the end is near) and was interested to find this video. I may disagree with a number of statements made in this lecture, it was still a very pleasant way to end the day.

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