Minutes of the First Meeting of the Friends of Jewish History last night!

Minutes of the Friends of Jewish History Meeting (10/13/16)

1) We’ll try to post videos of the Monday night lectures by Tuesday Afternoon

2) We hope to run live q&a sessions on Thursdays at 7PM EST

3) Printing some Jewish History @ J bookmarks/fridge magnets for Friends and attendees

4) Looking to hire an Intern in Jewish History to help with the setup of the room, greeting attendees, perhaps some follow-up online.

5) Experimenting with the idea of webcasting the lectures themselves.

6) First lecture is sponsored, looking for sponsors for the other lectures.

Looking forward to the start of the semester on October 31!


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  1. I am very excited regarding this semester’s upcoming Jewish history lecture series. I believe that we are off to a good start of the Friends of Jewish History meetings. The format for online Q&A is being worked out and possibly some historical archived film segments may be introduced to give the students an increased understanding and perspective on the era in which the subjects of the lecture lived in.

    This series is so essential for today’s youth to understand the world and cultural that these figures from history functioned in. The great obstacle to truly understand the past is to view it through the lens on our modern life. Some archival film footage may just help bring the subjects to life.

    I encourage all followers of Jewish History to make a donation of whatever amount they can, be that one dollar or a thousand dollars. For when we support Cultural understanding, through historical education, everyone is enriched as the barriers of prejudice and intolerance are broken down.


  2. Looking forward to see/hear you when you visit the new Young Israel in BH.


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