Who was Josephus, the Roman Jew?

Who was Josephus, the Roman Jew? A brief lecture providing an overview of the life and work of Josephus, a major Jewish historian who lived through the first Roman-Jewish war of the first century. Part III of The Jews of Italy series.

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  1. his name was yosef ben matisyahu hacohein ..general of the north.. well he lost his choice either becoming a slave to emperor nero or writing history and working for titus vespasius flavius the general who started the siege of jerusalem his son (same name) finished the job old man titus became empereror during the siege .. the famous story with reb yochanon ben zakkai was with him

  2. Enjoyed this lecture. You will see my simplified version of Antiquities on amazon which came out in March 2017 & has sold hundreds of copies. I think he wrote about Jesus since he wrote about John the Baptist and one other believer at the time – maybe James (?) – I’d have to look it up. Some rabbis in Israel tell people not to read it so I appreciate your open-mindedness to speak about his amazing works. He writes at the end that much was written about Nero, therefore he will not write about him. I feel this could have prevented its destruction. The people hated Nero so much that most if not all of the other history books were destroyed. I posted your lecture on Facebook (I have about 680 friends). I wrote my book so that folks could see what he actually said. I loved the part about Alexander the Great being shown the Daniel scroll in the temple area. I feel it really happened since the temple was not destroyed for another 262 years. 5 original illustrations are a key to understanding 4 miracles which occurred during the so-called 400-year “silent period.” People know only the Hannukah miracle story.

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