THIS YEAR IN JERUSALEM: Alexander Abramson Runs the Jerusalem Marathon for Crossroads

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Hey everybody, this year I have the good fortune to be in Israel and to be able to run the Jerusalem Marathon. The charity that I am going to be running for is called Crossroads and I believe it is an excellent cause. Their mission is to help teens who are stranded on the streets whether because they are homeless, receiving abuse, or have drug or alcohol substance issues, and Crossroads gets them back into a better place. I myself have never been in any of those negative situations but I can’t imagine what I would do in their situations. I’m assuming it’s very scary and traumatic, thankfully though for those teens there is a organization (Crossroads) that helps them get out of their horrible situation and I would like to help them out. Please donate whatever you can to this worthy cause at my page whatever you can give is fantastic, thanks.

Help a Teen Visit Israel (Special Guest Post by Alexander Abramson)

Alexander Abramson runs the 2013 ING Miami Marathon
Alexander Abramson runs the 2013 ING Miami Marathon

I’m a runner. I’ve been running as long as I can remember, including my first half-marathon at age 12 and my first full marathon at 14. Running gives me energy, and makes me feel like I can accomplish anything.  I’m proud of my finishes, and even more proud that over the years I’ve raised almost $10,000 for charities like the Joe DiMaggio Childrens’ Hospital Foundation and Friendship Circle.  I’m Alexander Abramson, I’m 15, and a proud sophomore at Weinbaum Yeshiva High School in Boca Raton.

My mom suggested I try out for BILT, a program run by the National Council of Synaogue Youth.  It stands for Boys Israel Leadersthip Training, and I think it’s really sick that I got accepted.  BILT will let me visit Israel, train on IDF bases, and help out at camps for Israeli kids in Sderot who have to live with terrorist bombing attacks all the time. I think it’s going to change my life, and help me understand what I can do for Israel and the Jewish people when I get older.

I need your help to attend BILT.  I”ve got an ambitious goal of raising $3,000 to participate, and I’m going to prepare by learning a lot more about Israel’s history, geography, and culture. Please help me by sponsoring me for this program. Click here to visit my sponsor page.


Alexander Abramson

P.S. Thanks to my Dad for allowing me to post this on his website.

P.P.S. Here are some links to videos my sister made of my last two marathons:

Please Support Alexander’s Marathon Bid for Friendship Circle

Alexander Abramson runs the 2013 ING Miami Marathon
Alexander Abramson runs the 2013 ING Miami Marathon

Hello everyone: my son Alexander is once again training to run the ING Miami Marathon to raise funds for Friendship Circle, a non-profit organization that helps children, teens and adults with special needs. Alexander is an avid runner with a long history of running for charitable causes: in 2010 he ran his first half-marathon (at age 12) and raised several thousand dollars for the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Foundation.  Since then he’s been running with Team Friendship, and really counts on your support to help kids with various disabilities (the attached brief video, created by his sister Danit Malka, tells the story).  Please support his bid to complete his second full marathon by visiting and sponsoring this organization generously.  Thank you!

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