THIS YEAR IN JERUSALEM: Alexander Abramson Runs the Jerusalem Marathon for Crossroads

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Hey everybody, this year I have the good fortune to be in Israel and to be able to run the Jerusalem Marathon. The charity that I am going to be running for is called Crossroads and I believe it is an excellent cause. Their mission is to help teens who are stranded on the streets whether because they are homeless, receiving abuse, or have drug or alcohol substance issues, and Crossroads gets them back into a better place. I myself have never been in any of those negative situations but I can’t imagine what I would do in their situations. I’m assuming it’s very scary and traumatic, thankfully though for those teens there is a organization (Crossroads) that helps them get out of their horrible situation and I would like to help them out. Please donate whatever you can to this worthy cause at my page¬†¬†whatever you can give is fantastic, thanks.

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