Rabbi Yosef Karo: The Kabbalah of Halakhah

Rabbi Yosef Karo: The Kabbalah of Halakhah Delivered at the Young Israel of Bal Harbour, January 25, 2012.

Lecture sponsored by Menachem Sternbaum, Susan Leaventon, and an anonymous donor.


Correction: it wasn’t Rothschild after all, it was the Duke of Naxos.

Update: The nice people over at TorahCafe took this video and improved it considerably. Here’s an edited version, with the powerpoints integrated into the lecture, and a generally tightened up format:


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  1. To R. Hillel Abramson,

    Thanks for lecture

    There is a difference between Portugal and Spain…so Shlomo Molcho was Portuguese

    Lagos, Portugal

  2. Rabbi Yosef Karo is the author of the Shulchan Aruch. He was forced to flee Spain with his family at a very young age. For me- Rabbi Yosef Karo is a big role model. To be forced to leave his home and still accomplish what he has accomplished is huge, admirable, and brave. Rabbi Yosef Karo shows people that even during hard times, one can come out and achieve the greatest of greats. He has and continues to inspire many by his writings.

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