Shabbetai Tsvi: False Messiah

7 thoughts on “Shabbetai Tsvi: False Messiah

  1. It was sad to know, that a man named Shabbetai Tzvi, ruined the Jewish people because they assumed he was Masshiach. However, it is the Jews fault for thinking this way. He was learning torah and looked very devoted to G-d. I hope the real Mashiach will appear soon and Jews won’t suffer anymore. Thank you for posting this video.

  2. Shabbetei Tzvi does not have a great reputation. I remember learning about him growing up as the “Moshiach wanna-be”. He made people believe that he was Moshiach. He is very looked down upon by our gadolim. He really was a great man (as I have learned) but he confused his “greatness” with thinking he was Moshiach, which was false.

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