Rabbi Moshe Cordovero and the Kabbalists of Safed


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  1. I found this lecture to be very interesting and informative! I once read that Rabbi Moshe Cordovero believed that everything that we see in this world is in reality, G-d, who is trying to “appear” to us- humans in different forms and energies. I guess this makes sense especially when it comes to dealing with kabbalah, and kabalistic matters.

  2. Rabbi Moshe Cardovero, a Kabalist, died at a very young age. He was in Tzvat. Until his death, the Ramak opened a Kaballah Academy in Israel (which he led for twenty years). I think it’s very interesting that he started learning with his brother-in-law (Rabbi Shlomo Alkabetz) at the very young age of twenty. This “decision” led him to writing the Pardes Rimonim- his first book ever.

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