Nathan of Hanover and the Ukrainian Revolution of 1648-1649


Nathan of Hanover is best known for his moving chronicle of the Khmel’nyts’kyi (Chmielnicki) Rebellion. Entitled Yeven Metsulah (“The Abyss of Despair”), it records with remarkable fairness the social, political, economic and religious background of the mid-17th century Ukrainian movement against the Poles, along with the horrible pogroms perpetrated in the context of that violent era. His analysis of the overall demographic impact of the attacks has been challenged by modern scholarship, but Hanover’s powerful treatment of the martyrdom of Ukrainian Jewry made a powerful impact on Jewish memory for centuries.

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  1. At one point in the video, it says “The main source of rebellion was…” and then goes on to discuss the issue of the Orthodox and Catholic, etc.
    Really, the main cause of the uprising was the whole position of the Jews as being the ones who collected the money, etc. So, it was more of an issue of “shoot the messenger”.

    1. It was not a revolt against the Polish aristocracy Prof. Abramson, but against the nefarious abusive Jewish overlords the Ukrainians were revolting against: Just like 1956 in Hungary or 1968 in Prag! More of the same! Nefarious, abusive and evil Jewish behavior being once more sanctioned by the indigenous people this time the Ukrainians! You underline again the notorios Jewish hatred towards the pasantry and the slavic people altogether with your joke so there is no need to quote some of the verses of the Talmud that backs this up!

    1. Hello anonymous–thanks for watching the lecture. I assume from your comment that you didn’t enjoy it (although I can’t be sure–maybe you were actually looking for children’s lectures? I’ll change the tabs). Would you consider writing some more substantive reasons for your critique? That would be helpful.

      Henry Abramson

      P.S. I don’t think all the lectures in the USA are like this. Only the ones in Surfside, Florida.

  2. Well done lecture. Just watched “With Fire and Sword” last night and was reading up more on the topic and came across this. Very well done, even handed. My kudos to you.

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