Women in Jewish History (Essential Lectures in Jewish History) by Dr. Henry Abramson

Jewish Women's Home Journal (1922) via Wikimedia Commons.
Jewish Women’s Home Journal (1922) via Wikimedia Commons.

A thematic introduction to the topic of women in Jewish history, part of the Essential Lectures in Jewish History series by Dr. Henry Abramson.

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  1. Women take what is conceived to be a more “passive” role because they act in a modest fashion. Even when they have to take action and do something great, they do it quietly and privately so as not to draw attention to themselves. Bruriah was an incredible woman and it was really interesting to hear more about her.
    -Yocheved Homnick

  2. The feminist movement has always fascinated me as I find aspects of it ironic in nature. Women are essentially trying to gain the status of men, while at the same time trying to prove their worth as women. There is a verse that says that “the glory of the woman in within”. This verse represents much of Jewish history regarding women. Women are not obligated to go to synagogue everyday and do many of the commandments, and thus it was derived that her duty was to be at home looking after her family. This, however, was degrading for some women who then started to push for equal learning rights for women. This had many positive consequences like the establishment of Beis Yaakov. Some other results of this push for “equal rights” for women has led to women advocating for women to be part of the Rabbinite. While learning Talmud is something I personally believe women should be allowed to do, the line seems to be fading. The glory of women and what our unique obligations are, are subsequently getting lost as a result.

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