The Beilis Affair of 1911-1913 (This Week in Jewish History) by Dr. Henry Abramson

Mendel Beilis via Wikimedia Commons.
Mendel Beilis via Wikimedia Commons.

The discovery of the mutilated body of a young boy in Kiev led to the false arrest of a Jewish laborer named Mendel Beilis. Ignoring the argument of investigating officers, the Russian government under Tsar Nicholas II pressed ahead with the prosecution of Beilis, arguing that the boy was murdered as part of a Passover-related Jewish plot. After two years’ imprisonment, Beilis was freed by a Ukrainian Jewry that could not be persuaded to agree with the Russian prosecutor. Part of the This Week in Jewish History series by Dr. Henry Abramson.

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  1. According to both VI Lenin and LD Trotsky after the Beilis Trial there were Russian workers strikes opposing antisemitism throughout Russia.

    See Trotsky’s 1913 article in Die Neue Zeit French and German L’Affaire Beilis/Die Beilis Affare respectively on respectively
    Elazar Friedman

  2. Nice job telling my grandfathers story , only issue is about the fixer
    In 1926 he wrote his autobiography, forty years later Malamud plagiarized important parts of the original and called it his own
    He was lauded for capturing Jewish life in Russia at the time which was easy cause he lifted my grandfathers thoughts
    Want proof?
    Three dozen examples here..

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