Modern Antisemitism (Essential Lectures in Jewish History)

An introduction to the major themes in modern antisemitic ideology (1880-present). Warning: not quite as nasty as the lecture on medieval antisemitism, but disturbing nevertheless. Part of the Essential Lectures in Jewish History series, more available at


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  1. I’m looking forward to watching this when it is fully processed and uploaded. Do you have any recommendations of where I might be able to dive deeper into some of the antisemitism throughout history? Most of what I hear is brief expositions of church history and some of hashoah.

    1. The bibliography on this topic is, unfortunately, quite extensive. The one-volume histories tend to be sensationalist, specialized monographs much better. You might start with the work of Gavin Langmuir.

  2. Another great lecture. No matter how short your lectures are I always learn something I did not know. I feel that the main cause of prejudice of any kind is Xenophobia, the exaggerated and unreasoned fear of anyone or anything different than your culture or community. As you know I’m a follower of The Way and Ye’shua is my Master and I try to live by His moral and Spiritual teachings, but so many who claim to be “Christians” are so Xenophobic about the use of terms like BCE and CE in schollarly writings or the term Palistine to refer to any part of the Levant. They are also very supportive of the nation of Israel, but not supportive of the individual Jew in their community. I have also encountered people who claim to be Messianic Jews on the West Coast who get quite offended whenever you speak a little Yiddish. Hebrew is the only accepted terms to use in their company.

    Ignorance and intolerance of other cultures, religious beliefs and customs is the breeding ground of Antisemitism and Xenophobia. The One G-d has declared to us through the prophets that we should not oppress the strangers within our gates. That is the people who are not like you who live in our communities and this applies to all of us.

    Thanks again for your informative lecture.

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    Another must watch video presentation by Dr. Henry Abramson! I encourage all my friends and followers to take 16 minutes out of their precious day to view this!

  4. I found both this lecture and the one on medieval antisemitism very interesting. I especially like the images you showed in the latter…I love medieval images, and have never seen many of the ones you showed.
    I came across this alarming – yet very interesting – video about contemporary antisemitism (in this case Islamic…I’m assuming extremist). What is interesting is…they clearly state that their hatred and fear of Jews has nothing to do with Zionism – as one might except; rather, they appear to be appropriating medieval versions of it…re-jigged to fit Islam of course.
    Anyway, I thought you might find it interesting…apologies if you’ve seen it already.

      1. When you address Islamic antisemitism, I and perhaps others would appreciate if you could include a discussion of the BDS movement and the number of Jews who support it. The mantra of that movement is that it is not against Jews, but rather is against Israel and Zionism. It seems to me that is just another form of antisemitism, but I’d appreciate your take on it.

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