Who Was Sigmund Freud? Jewish Biography as History


A brief biography of Sigmund Freud, with emphasis on his Jewish background and identity. Part of the Jewish Biography as History Series, more available at http://www.henryabramson.com.

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  1. Hi Dr. Abramson, I enjoyed this blog. How about doing a post on Jewish contributions to music through the ages. I’d love to know more about which composers were Jewish (if only born Jewish, even if they later converted ). Thank you.
    Sharon Bacher

  2. Hi Dr. Abramson- regards from zurich where i regularly follow your lectures. enjoyed the one about Sigmund Freud who i have always been interested in- especially his relationship to judaism- have your read Jerushalmi’s book on the subject? your mentioning Bertha Pappenheim reminded me of a story i thought you’d appreciate. i was fascinated to read a book about the real Anna O. and was so impressed by the woman and the amazing work she did. i met with a friend whose grandmother was Pappenheim and she knew nothing about this Bertha- well i chewed her ear off about what an amazing person she was and what a powerful woman in an age where it was not so easy for women to achieve much etc… well, she went to ask her mother about this Bertha. it took a while for her mother to remember who this was. “oh ja” she finally said “Bertha Pappenheim, irgend eine meshuggene cousine von der Grossmami.” So much for the reliability of history.

    keep up the great lectures!
    Tamar Fischer

      1. Just so i am not misunderstood. Mrs Pappenheim’s daughter did not consider Bertha “meshugga” because she had had to be treated for hysteria. The lady in question has never heard of Anna O. or of Breuer (maybe just about of Freud). But what kind of Jewish girl doesn’t get married? What kind of girl takes on social causes and travels and gives talks etc…? a meshugane cousin of Grossmami’s and the less said on the subject the better.

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