Who was Viktor Frankl? Jewish Biography as History


Viktor Frankl was a noted psychologist whose experience in the Holocaust formed the basis of logotherapy, his therapeutic approach to help people find meaning in suffering and in life.


  1. Frederick Woods in Wisconsin. says:

    Dear Dr. Abramson, another new fine lecture, thank you for sharing to us of Viktor Frankl. He reminds me of how Job finally felt about life in the ending chapters of 40 & 42. I recently stumbled onto Viktor Frankl when I was very discouraged about something, he boosted me up in good cheer, as do you too Dr. Abramson! Your family & all of us love you, thanks for lessons!

    1. Hard not to feel encouraged by your compliments!

  2. Do you except donations?

    1. Hello Mr. Dalesio! We do accept donations, but with some reluctance. Please visit this page and scroll to the bottom: http://jewishhistorylectures.org/manifesto/ Glad you’re enjoying the videos!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Why do these web pages have to be so gigantic and in our faces types of thingys

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