1. didaskologos says:

    I was unaware that some of the caves north of the Qumran community were actually inhabited. I still believe that there was little to no long term inhabitants in the caves closest to the Qumran community. I always learn something new, every time I watch or rewatch one of your lectures.

    May the One G-d bless you and keep you as you teach the Truth!

  2. Pat says:

    You asked in “Judaism and Early Christianity” if the Lord’s (or Last) Supper was the Passover and you are correct. Thanks for putting this series together, I’m finding it very interesting.

  3. Pat says:

    I finished the series. Thank you again for putting this together. It was not an easy thing to watch. I know I shouldn’t take things out of their historical context, but I will never, never understand people who hate. Never.

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