Who Was Dona Gracia Nasi?

Lecture on the life and work of Dona Gracia Nasi (also known as Beatrice de Luna Mendes), a heroic Jewish woman of the 16th century. Fleeing the Inquisition in Portugal, she used her considerable wealth and courage to spirit converso Jews out of Europe to refuge in Ottoman lands.

Here’s the Prezi for this lecture:http://prezi.com/ezegvhtrjraf/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy


  1. didaskologos says:

    Excellent as always. Glad you are able to find more Jewish women to lecture on. I know it has been one of your goals for several years to do so. Fascinating individual and empowering for many women even to this day. Fair and balanced, bringing up the historic conflict between the traditional Jewish community and those who converted to Christianity which incidentally continues to this day.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Can anyone provide the geneology of Dona Gracia Nasi on any family trees?

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